A Best Kept Secret - Visually Manage Product Attributes in WebSphere Commerce to Increase Online Sales!

by Smart Merchandiser on June 19, 2017


Attributes are important for any commerce business to optimize their sales and drive conversion rate. Managing attributes, however, can be a chore in IBM CMC (Commerce Management Center). Smart Merchandiser provides the visual tooling for Merchandisers to assign and manage attributes. Let’s go through a few of these tools and how they can help brands build online sales!

Point and Click to Quickly Assign Attributes!


Smart Merchandiser makes it quick and simple to assign attributes to products. Just go into the attributes tab and select or deselect whichever attribute you wish to assign to each product. This makes it simple to quickly add attributes like “Best Seller” or “Hot and New” to products quickly. With Linked Categories, these changes will also be reflected on any products in categories linked to the one you were working on.

Attribute Value Sequencing by Drag-and-Drop


When you want to reorder attributes for easier management, Smart Merchandiser has sequencing features that make reordering easy. Click and drag the attribute you want higher or lower and move it up or down, then hit save to resequence. If you want to assign certain colors or certain sizes, move them to the top of the list for easier access, or if an attribute is mostly outdated, move it down to the bottom to save until you need it later.

Easy Facet Management


Smart Merchandiser also allows you to manage and sequence facets. Reorder, enable, and/or disable whichever facets you want on your attribute management tab to make managing them as straightforward as possible. Use your facets then to target meaningful product results when searching and filtering.

Save Time with Bulk Updates!


With Smart Merchandiser’s filter attributes feature, you can filter out products with certain attributes, then bulk update all of those products’ attributes at once. Assigning and removing attributes with Smart Merchandiser is quick and simple, even for large groups of products.

By Popular Demand - Upcoming Feature - Attribute Sorting!

Our customers have asked for it and we are happy to say that we will soon have attribute sorting enabled, allowing users to automatically sequence their products based on attributes! You can set it to put “Best Sellers” first, or sort by size, or weigh different attributes to come up with your own customized sorting metrics. This feature is coming soon, keep a look out for it!

Merchandiser's Best Friend!

What's not to like in a tool that saves you time, help you make more money and even make you like your job! Merchandisers have hundreds of attributes and thousand of products to manage. They are under-appreciated and we are set out to change all that. Give Smart Merchandiser a test drive and the first 30 days are on us!

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