How social media can influence merchandising

by Smart Merchandiser on March 07, 2016

So you hired a savvy kid straight out of college to run your social media and you have thousands of followers who just love your posts, but you are not seeing much of a return on your social media efforts. This most likely means you aren’t taking the feedback provided by social media and applying it to your merchandising efforts. By tracking social media buzz, you can help predict which products will be best sellers and feature them on your eCommerce store. If these trending items are hidden on your site, consumers may be very disappointed when it is not easy to find these popular items that drew them to the site in the first place.

Steps to make the two streets intersect at a SALE.

  1. Create a buzz on social media by posting your products and engaging costumers to draw them to your online store. (Be sure to have an easy, reliable link in your profile!)
  2. Analyze trends in social media-likes, tweets, retweets etc.
  3. Feature trending items on your page above the fold or in a banner.
  4. Make the SALE!

main-image_social-media.pngGoing Above and Beyond for Social Media GOLD

  1. Encourage the user to share their purchase on social media with a post or picture showing their excitement for the recent purchase with a special hashtag for your company or product.
  2. Reward costumers for their share with a coupon or shout out on your page.
  3. Provide user generated content by reusing the costumers’ social media post on your eComemrce store to display consumer satisfaction.
  4. Feature items with quality user generated content which helps to lower the barrier in the buying process.

These steps are easier said than done because of the rapid pace of social media and the ever changing trends which change faster than ever. It is therefore increasingly important to have social media analytics built into your merchandising platform so that you can use trends to make the right merchandising decisions.



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