How to Use Social Media Analytics to Help with eCommerce Management for your Business

by Smart Merchandiser on April 25, 2016

Social media is playing an increasingly vital role in the realm of eCommerce merchandising and online shopping. Every decision that a company makes is based on the habits of a core group of consumers. This extends to what products customers browse online, what they’re doing on Facebook, and who’s following whom on Twitter. Social media is just one of the many important tools that bleed into eCommerce analytics, fueling a company’s decision on where to spend their money.

Understanding Your Target Audience

Facebook, among other social media outlets, has a feature called Page Insights, helping users get a better sense of who’s visiting their Facebook page. Ecommerce companies can use this information to learn more about their target audience including their customers’ average age range, their interests online, and what products they’d like the most.

Marketing with Confidence

Companies can use information about their target audience in a variety of meaningful ways including which products to launch, the design of their online storefront, and what kinds of marketing efforts will be the most effective. Ecommerce websites can spend money on advertising with confidence when they know exactly who their customers are and how to best reach them.

The Social Media Experiment

Ecommerce companies should be in a constant state of experimentation. An upgrade to the online storefront, investing in new products, and new marketing efforts are just some of the many ways that companies can spice up their online presence. Social media analytics give companies insight into how well these changes are working. The effectiveness of a new posting strategy on Facebook can be a valuable clue as to what customers want to see and what will motivate them to buy.

Social media analytics is just one of the many merchandising tools that eCommerce companies need to take advantage of as they try to respond to the needs of their consumers. When it comes to eCommerce merchandising, every bit of data needs to be a factor in the decision making process. Smartmarchandiser has the right tools and visual merchandising features that set eCommerce business up for success.

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