New Features From Our Latest Release!

by Smart Merchandiser on June 01, 2017

Our team is always looking to improve Smart Merchandiser and with this latest release we have added some great new features!

New Features:
  • Inventory count display -  Inventory shown in top left corner of each product block on sequence tab
  • Caching options - Improves loading performance in sequence tab for large catalogs
  • Direct database query option - Improves loading performance in sequence tab and attribute tab
  • Publish/unpublish products - Enter the product partnumbers into the clipboard and then click either the "Publish Products" or "Unpublish Products" button
  • Linked category management - If your store has the linked categories feature enabled, which allows syncing between categories, you can now manage which categories to link together in the Linked Categories tab. Just enter the identifiers for two categories and then click the Link button to link them together.


Topics: Features