The Advantages of Visual Catalog Management

by Smart Merchandiser on May 29, 2015


What if, when you were designing your storefront and product pages, you were able to put yourself in your customers' shoes—not just at the outset of your site's design and launch, but anytime you wanted to? What if you could always see your storefront as your customers would so that, as you made changes, you could see the effects of those changes in real time?

Visual catalog management is the utilization of a graphics-rich interface to manage, organize and optimize your online store with the added benefit of actionable and in-depth data analytics, and being able to see your storefront just as your customers see it even in the midst of making changes is just one of the many advantages it offers.

From drag-and-drop organization to single click category adding, managing your online store has never been simpler or more filled with insight.


Seeing is Believing

For many digital merchandisers, website layout and organization involves a lot of wearying guesswork and troubleshooting that, because it's coupled with manual sequencing, can be inefficient and time-consuming.

Drag-and-drop functionality transforms layout and organization by making the process of change a visual one. Move product thumbnails anywhere you want to. Reposition every piece in your catalog until it looks exactly the way it should.

Whether you use the single drag-and-drop or multiple drag-and-drop feature, you'll be able to literally see your products, pages and catalog while you're shuffling contents about.


And Your Best Attributes Are…

Regardless of what you sell—blankets, slankets or stationery—you need a way to manage colors, sizes, material, keywords and other attributes for every item you sell so that everything in your store can be more easily found via filters and search functions.

With visual attribute management, you don't need a spreadsheet to keep track of each item's characteristics that, then, must be referenced every time you make changes. Instead, each product's available attributes are presented visually.

When an attribute is missing, an alert appears in the interface. With visual attribute management, you can easily add and remove attributes, while simultaneously seeing how those products are rendered in your store.


Mass Edits

Because a visual catalog management tool lets you see the work you're doing, you can save time where it was once beset with tedious minutiae, like in the amount of time and effort it used to take to add a single product to more than one category. With visual catalog management, adding a single item to multiple categories becomes a lesson in time and effort compression: Just copy and paste the item across categories with one, single click, and you're done.


Analyzed and Integrated

Wouldn't it be nice to know the abandonment rate, conversion rate, page views, sales revenue, inventory numbers, ratings, reviews and social media mentions about every product in your catalog?

With the unobtrusive data overlay that sits right on top of your product thumbnails, you can know everything there is to know with in-depth analytics about what you're selling, and you can know it without ever leaving your visual catalog management tool's interface.


Visual catalog management provides for actionable merchandising insight in a feature-rich and graphic interface. Easy to use, robust and revealing, it's a tool without a downside.


Smart Merchandiser provides a visual layer over your eCommerce catalog to offer inventory, analytics, attribute, and color management capabilities.


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